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Welcome to Diamond Baseball
Diamond Baseball of Boulder is a non-profit, volunteer organization that supports the Boulder High School baseball program by funding and operating summer teams and tournaments, fall and winter player development and training, and the Bison youth baseball feeder program, and through its commitment to operating, maintaining and improving the fields and facilities used by Boulder High School and Diamond Baseball teams and players.

The following principles form the foundation upon which our program is built:
  1. Promote the “student” in student-athlete by holding athletes to higher academic and personal conduct standards than the rest of the student body.
  2. Ensure skill development in fundamental areas of the game.
  3. Use the game of baseball as a tool in character development and the teaching of life lessons.
  4. To provide an environment in which all athletes may reach their potential both on and off the field.
  5. Field teams that compete at the state level year in and year out in both spring and summer!
Collegians Need Host Families!
by posted 04/21/2014


Some Collegian players come from areas outside of the Front Range and are in the need of a good home for the summer. Host families have the opportunity to 'Adopt-A-Player' during the summer, to help a player become acquainted and comfortable with a new community and possibly establish a lifelong friendship.

Host families are to provide room and board to a Collegians player, from Memorial Day weekend through the end of July. Host Families are to welcome this player into a healthy family environment, as a means to help the player transition into the Boulder community. While players are living with host families, it is understood that the player must abide by your ‘house rules’ (i.e. curfew, cleanliness, reasonably assigned chores, etc.).  As these players advance their careers, we feel it is important to recognize that they are still young men who are learning to adjust without their parents. Host families help bridge that gap. Players and host families will have the opportunity to talk over the phone (or skype) prior to player’s arrival in Boulder to make sure it is a good match for both parties.

For more information see our Host Family brochure or contact Host Family Coordinator Andrew Pfouts by phone at (720) 635-8946 or GM Matthew Jensen (303) 819-6494 or Email:  bouldercollegians@gmail.com 

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2014 American Legion Information
by posted 04/11/2014


Diamond Baseball of Boulder is actively planning for our 2014 American Legion Season.  We are setting schedules for 4 teams, selecting uniforms and preparing for player tryouts and registration.  You can find preliminary information on our 2014 Boulder Legion page.   We'll have an informational meeting for parents and players with more details in early May.

We are working with BVSD and contractors to ensure the Scott Carpenter Park backstop is up sometime in May - in time for the American Legion Season.  If you missed the BHS meeting on the backstop earlier this week, see Backstop Status for further details.

Kent Dinkel
Diamond Baseball of Boulder

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Back$top Buck$
by posted 03/15/2014

Help Us Rebuild Suitts Field Backstop!

The Boulder backstop blew down in winter winds and needs replacing before the team can have home games.

BVSD and DBOB have selected a design for the backstop and total cost of the project is expected to be approximately $40,000.  We're working with JVA (a local civil engineering firm), BVSD and contractors to get the backstop repaired as soon as possible. See SCP Backstop for more information on the project.  To help us pay for for the new backstop through your tax-deductible contribution, see our Back$top Buck$ on-line donation form. 

Thanks for your support!  Please forward this message to other high school baseball supporters.

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2014 Sponsorships
by posted 02/01/2014

Looking to promote your business and help youth sports?   Consider a Diamond Baseball Sponsorship for a win-win.

We have nearly 3,000 site visits per month to help our website sponsors reach new customers.  We host more games at Scott Carpenter Park each year than are played at Rockies Coors Field.  Teams (and their families) from all over Colorado and surrounding states visit our park each year to watch hours of baseball.  That's a lot of people that could be getting exposure to your business.

Your sponsorship also helps us reduce player fees and make improvements to Suitts field.

See the DBOB sponsor brochure for affordable ways to market your business and help youth sports!
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2014 Boulder Baseball Tournaments!
by posted 11/22/2013

Baseball in Boulder this summer?  Check out Diamond Baseball of Boulder's 2014 baseball tournaments. See tournament flyers below for details.

  • Boulder NIT (19U)
    • Dates:  July 9 - 13.
    • Early-bird discount until May 1.
    • Registration closes July 1 or as soon as we reach 32 teams.
    • Click here for NIT tournament flyer.
  • Boulder B Classic (17U)
    • Dates: June 18 - 22
    • Early-bird discount before June 1
    • Registration closes June 11 or as soon as we reach 14 teams.
    • Click here for 17U tournament flyer.
  • Boulder C Classic (16U)
    • Dates:  June 4 - 8
    • Early-bird discount before May 1
    • Registration closes May 28 or as soon as we reach 14 teams.
    • Click here for 16U tournament flyer.

Please click here to register your teams.

Please contact Chris Bukowski ( ) or Kent Dinkel ( ) to get on our email list.

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